Believe it or not, a lot of people to not take their bath as properly as they should. You are probably making some of this showering mistakes without actually knowing that you are. You Scrub Your Scalp with your Fingernails Scrubbing your scalp with your fingernails can actually feel refreshing but you are most likely doing more harm than good. Your fingernails can scratch the scalp and even cause flaking. Instead, use your fingertips to work up a lather. You should however note that it is important to avoid aggressively rubbing strands of hair between your hands, as this can damage it and cause split ends. Your Soap has No Moisturizer Using soap devoid of moisturizers can really dry out your skin. Be on the lookout for soap bars with stearic acid in the ingredient list or “moisturizing” advertised below the name. You Always Have A Hot Shower For Too Long You don’t have to take a cold shower when it is rainy but you shouldn’t also opt for a scalding hot shower. Taking a hot and long shower will strip your skin off natural oils and lipids that help trap water to keep it moist. You Fail To Condition Your Scalp A lot of people concentrate on spreading conditioner throughout the body of their hair but dermatologists advice conditioning the entire length of the hair, from root to tip. Conditioner hydrates the skin of your scalp, which helps prevent itchiness and flaking. You Scrub Your Body While You Wash Some people are too aggressive with their sponge and washcloths which can not only be rough on the skin but can also remove the skin’s natural protective barrier. Experts recommend cotton baby washcloth; which should be gently glided over the skin with minimal rubbing. Furthermore, dermatologists say using your hands is good enough but if you must use a sponge or cloth, be sure to switch it out for a clean one regularly to avoid bacteria build-up. You don’t rinse well enough It’s important to make sure all soap and hair products are completely rinsed off. This is because lingering product can lead to skin irritation and clogged pores, which can cause acne. You can prevent “bacne” or pimples on your back by rinsing your hair with your head tilted to the side, allowing the shampoo and conditioner to run right into the drain and not down your back. You Wait Before Appling Lotion The best time to moisturize is as soon as you finish patting dry, when your skin is still damp. The lotion soaks into skin best when it’s a little damp.

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